4 Remarkable Service works with a wide variety of restaurants throughout the world. These restaurants all have one thing in common - They want to provide an exceptional dine-in experience, build customer loyalty, maximize sales and create a remarkable buzz.


Are some of these statements true for you?

I've been in business for several years and I've always relied on the shadow method to train my wait staff. But now things have changed in our industry and service and sales have become a critical success factor. How do we implement a training solution?

Our wait staff doesn't realize they are a sales force, not order takers. How can I teach them the server-seller skills necessary for us to be successful?

I'm going to open a restaurant. How do we train our wait staff to provide exceptional service and maximize the check average?

I need help using technology to market my restaurant. How do I utilize technology to market to our existing customers and potential new customers?

Clients are likely to be successful working
with us if...

You believe service is an important part of the dining experience. Excellent food preparation cannot sustain a restaurant in most markets today without a well-trained and courteous staff to present it.

Customer satisfaction is important to you. Success is all about consistency, doing it right every time. 73% of customers return because of service.

You believe there is a difference between an order taker and a successful server-seller. The order taker takes orders and uses sentences like "Are you ready to order". A server-seller guides the customer and uses sentences like "Our special today is..."

You believe people are worth investing in. Over and over, we find that a highly performing and motivated staff is one whose managers have invested their time and energy into developing employees.

You believe in training your wait staff employees. If you want to succeed by taking shortcuts, we're not for you. If you want to play the restaurant game at the highest level, we'd like to help you succeed!



A professional staff that realizes the extent of their impact on the guests is paramount to a restaurant’s success.


Managing a restaurant where customers receive quality service involves more than crossing your fingers, working hard, and hoping for the best. Good, consistent service is the result of a well-planned and organized service system.

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