See and hear from a few of our hundreds of happy customers who have used our training tools and resources. We're always happy to provide references!


"...All four restaurants have shown a significant increase in guest check average."

I saw an average increase from 7-10% across the board in all our stores. Very exciting!!!

Steph S.



My only complaint, I wish
we would have met & implemented this 4 or 5 years ago.  I am encouraged to see
how the future of our company progresses using your tools & training.

Luke S.


"...what 4 Remarkable Service has to offer has definitely made our restaurant a better place."
Matt P.

"...they now realize the bigger the check the bigger the tip.."
Danny S.


Increased my Confidence
"By utilizing the tools of 4 Remarkable Service I've gone from making $40 a night to $200 a night. It all comes from the confidence I now have in my ability to provide remarkable service."

Tina H.
Successful Server Seller




"The products of 4 Remarkable Service has empowered our staff to bring out the best in what we are doing in our restaurant... ."

Liz H.
General Manager

"...If you want to make sure your service is staying at the level you expect from your staff, I would highly recommend 4 Remarkable Service."

Rob R.
General Manager



10% tips increase
"I learned the four directives of hospitality and focused on one- Smile at me! That simple technique equated to a 10% gain in tips."

Sarah B.
Successful Server Seller


"Because of the training the servers are starting to work together more as a team and upselling alot more ...."

Laura A.



"[During the training] They stopped being servers and started being professionals and sales people ...."

Dianne B


Rolling it out to all of his restaurants
"...and we tested your training process in one of our restaurants to start. I'm happy to say we're rolling it out to the rest of them this month!"

David B.


Great participation
"What I enjoyed the most was looking around the room and seeing that everyone was having a good time and participating [in the training]. That really meant a lot to us."

"It was fun seeing them embrace some new ideas that will ultimately help them and in return help ourselves."

Scott B.


"Where have you been!!! I've been looking for this type of training for quite some time and you are exactly what I was hoping to find. Money well spent!"

Tim W.











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