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4 Remarkable Service - Wait Staff TrainingAre you getting the most out of your wait staff

4 Remarkable Service works with Restaurants throughout the world helping them implement wait staff training that focuses on service AND sales.

Would you like to
• Provide an exceptional dine-in experience
• Build customer loyalty
• Maximize sales
• Create a remarkable buzz about your restaurant

Then we can help!

Top 2 Restaurant Success Factors

Service....The ability to create and sustain a service culture can be a decisive success factor. Service is such an important part of the dining experience that even excellent food preparation cannot sustain a restaurant in most markets today without a well-trained and courteous staff to present it. 73% of the reason customers return to a restaurant is service!

Sales....If you are not training your wait staff like a sales force, which they are, you are not getting the results you deserve.

Restaurants Don't Have the Tools
Restaurants simply don't have access to the resources needed to properly train and develop their wait staff. They either have to pay someone huge dollars to come in and do a half day or full day of training or they try and develop some type of home grown training that is most often not very effective and outside their expertise.

That's Where We Can Help
We've developed cutting edge training tools that we can help you implement inside your own restaurant. With our Instructor guides, workbooks, on-line training, audio CD's, marketing software and more, we can provide exactly what you need....A Training System that can be implemented today!!

Next Steps
Please browse this web site for detailed information on our
services and then contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and don't forget to sign up for our Service Talk newsletter.


People are worth investing in. Over and over, we find that a highly performing and motivated staff is one whose managers have invested their time and energy into developing employees.


Employee training programs have a strong impact on employee performance, and standardizing many employee-customer interactions enhances customers’ perceived value of the dining experience.


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